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How To Make Your Own Style Lashes To Promote Your Lashes Business Line?

More and more distributors ask us to design and make the lashes for their business when they have already have their client base.
wholesale 3d mink lashes vendors and manufacturers Emma Lashes help your start your Lashes Business Line

More and more distributors ask us to design and make the lashes for their business when they have already had their client base.

They just want to sell real unique styles and customers wouldn’t buy them from any place. Because every Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Vendors said their lashes are unique in the world, is that true?

Not exactly, in fact, many lashes vendors buy semi-finished lashes from North Korea, which labor cost would be much cheaper than in Qingdao, China.

short natural lashes CH12
short natural lashes CH12

so they can’t focus on the lashes research and development, but Emma Lashes, we design and produce lashes for the whole business line, we can control each link, and ensure the quality is perfect.

So if you visit your Lashes Vendor factory,you should be careful if they are doing a whole lashes line, such as designing the lashes by themselves.

cluster eyelash extensions
cluster eyelash extensions

Therefore, more and more people design the lashes by themselves instead of choosing the same low material and the same style in the market.

What should you do when you design your lashes?

The first is the length.

You should know the length of your custom lashes, and make sure the exact length.

Second ,the curl,different curl different 3d effect .

Third, you should design the structure of the lashes.

All the factors make different lashes styles and if you love dramatic ones you will choose 25mm or 28 mm lashes with cross structure.

So if you want to produce your unique lashes you should make the drawings for us, and we will produce your lashes according to the drawings.

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