How to make 3D mink lashes

How to make 3D mink lashes?

3d mink lashes individual with private label

Hi ,guys ,I’m Ben ,production leader of Emma lashes,who worked for 10 years ,Today I would like to tell you guys HOW TO MAKE 3D MINK LASHES in ten steps.


1st Choose raw material.

Before we design the style of the lashes ,we should make sure the material ,the foundation of the PREMIUM 3D MINK LASHES.

We usually choose young adult Siberian mink’s fur not the old one in the spring and autumn when they shed their hair ,because they are shiny fluffy and soft,if you choose the old one,your lashes would be hard and think,of course you can not seen by you eye.


And you should order the long mink fur in spring ASAP,otherwise the mink fur will in short of supply and the raw material cost would be more expensive than the others.

2ndDesign The Styles.

The designer will push out different styles of lashes and drawings according to the women’s interest and market feedback,and hand over the drawing to production department.


This is the heart of the lashes industry,the design inspiration could come from different flowers and birds,the most important is that they should express the passion the confidence and beauty.To make sure they can help eyes to say hello the world!

3rd Locate the mink fur according to the drawing.

After the skilled workers receive the drawing picture,they count the mink fur and put they on on unite each layer,this is framework you should do first.


Not everyone suit this job ,you put pay full attention to the basic and artificial work ,the framework is consist of different count of mink fur, and the direction determines the shape , if they are unskilled that would waste the raw material ,that’s not what we want to see.

4th Fill the cotton band to the mink fur with glue.

Different factory use different workmanship to do this job.Anyway , this is important for customer to wear them on with comfort sense.

5th Cut off the needless fur ,and rolled into steel tubes with wet brown paper.

Different diameters the steel tubes you use can make different curvature you want, after the shaping.

6th Shaping.

You can do this with two way ,the first one is you can use chemical liquid ,and 99% of the factory shaping with this way ,and you can imagine if you use this 3D Mink Lashes,what will happen to your eyes?

The second way is heat treatment we invent. And the curl exist long and natural ,also we achieve germicidal purpose by this way .

7th Apply the Eyelash Glue.

This process usually have three way to deal with,some factory put the glue all over the cotton band , some put on the begin end and bottom of the cotton band ,we apply the glue only on the top and end of the band.


So you can see, why others apply too much glue on the band? Too much glue mean too high cost,why they do this ? so the quality is different ,the less glue the lashes apply ,the more safer and lighter the lashes are,so if you purchase 3D MINK LASHES BULK , you should be careful with the 3D MINK LAHSES DESCRIPTION and the quality of the lashes ,less is more!

8th Quality test. 

This is the basis step before put them on the tray.Quality inspector observe the lashes with magnifying lens to check the degree of symmetry,weather the lashes are over glued etc.

Ok ,hope this post are helpful for you,if you want to Start Your Lashes Business

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