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How To Improve Your 3D Mink Eyelash Business Sales?

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So if you have already created your lashes business line you should know more about how to improve your wholesale luxury 3D mink lashes, so that you can sell more lashes and get more profits.

Before the solution, You should know why people buy your lashes? In fact, there are many lashes vendors in the market, Why choose your brand?

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Are your 3d mink lashes unique in the market?

Are Your wholesale 3d mink lashes very cheap than the others?

 Can you provide the best service to the customers?

Is your material 100% real mink fur?

Are your lashes luxury lashes with competitive wholesale prices?

Are your lashes are unique style in the market?

Maybe you have your answers .so let’s begin the question.

First, let more people know you.


You should make your own marketing plan and action.

The marketing plan must come from your team, and everyone can do it consciously.

Run all kinds of ads with a reasonable budget. calculate the input-output ratio.

Second, establish a corporate image system.

Especially the SNS system. And create your lashes brand by SNS, share beautiful lashes with your followers, and update the post regularly.

Third, let the customer get more, small profits but quick turnover.

If your customers buys lashes from you, you should give them a gift or discount especially regular customers, and they will remember you, and you should notice them when offers come.

Fourth, establish new account development and old account maintenance mechanism.

Say greetings to your customer every day, and let them know you care about her and you will know the progress of the customer.


Fifth, update your lashes styles each week and provide the most popular to your customer.

Word of mouth spread is fast and economical.

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