3d mink eyelashes MG19

How To Distinguish The Material Of 3D Mink Eyelashes?

Emma lashes as one of the Biggest Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Vendor,tell you how to distinguish the material of 3d mink eyelashes.


Because there are many materials lashes such as silk lashes, Mink Lashes, fiber lashes, horse lashes, human hair lashes, plastic lashes .etc. If you are a new buyer, you would confuse about the style and the material, so today Emma lashes will teach you how to distinguish the material.


That would be easy to help you choose the different material lashes according to your order,and when you receive the samples you can do this test easily .

the samples you can do this test easily .

OK,lets begin the test.

3d mink eyelashes MG19
3d mink eyelashes MG19

So there’s a easy way :just use fire burn it!and you can identify them in the following case.

First ,observation.

when the mink fur burn out,ashes fall to the ground,you can feel them with hand. The ashes are just like powder which are black.


Third ,when the mink fur lashes burn out ,ashes fall down ,you can touch the ashes with your finger

and if the 3d mink fur lashes fall down the tar-shaped ashes,that would be chemical lashes!!!

Second ,smell. If they are mink fur,it smells good,because the mink fur contain protein,

and if it smell smoke tar or rubber,that must not be the true mink fur or human hair fur,they are silk lashes or fiber lashes plastic lashes .


As the wholesale 3d luxury mink lashes manufacturer and Lashes Vendor ,Emma lashes provide wholesale price and good service to you ,our top grade lashes are made of quality mink fur

and our technology is unique in the world,we shape the 3d effect by heat treatment not chemical liquid medicine ,so our top grade luxury 3d mink lashes are safe and no harm to the eye .

so we just advise you choose lashes carefully to start you lashes business ,anything about your lashes and custom logo ,just feel free contact us WhatsApp

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