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How Much Does Your Custom Packaging Cost?

l guide you how to order your own 3d mink lashes custom packaging business.

Hi, guys, today, I would tell you more details about the Cost Of Custom Eyelash Packaging since you have known the importance of the Custom Lashes Packaging and that will guide you on how to order your own 3d mink lashes custom packaging business.


The more technological process to make your lashes Custom Packaging Boxes be unique

I will tell you more technological processes to make your lashes Custom Packaging Boxes be unique and different from others.

There are several kinds of boxes are very popular in the world, and girls all love them.

1 Glitter box.

The glittering box is made of a carton box inside and glitter paper outside. They are shining just like the star under the light. And the carton box is made by the machine, we called knife mold, and the carton box is cut down by the knife mold, and the glitter paper was put on the surface of the box by hand.

2 Holographic box

Most girls say they love the holographic box because they are very cool under the light and just like the rainbow on the box when the paper reflects the light. In fact, they are attractive when customers opens the box and the lashes are gorgeous in the holographic box.

3d mink lashes with custom packaging box
custom packaging

These two types of boxes are distinguished by material, and we also can distinguish the box by the door of the box.

3 Magnetic box


The most popular is the magnetic box, the door is easy to control by the magnet, also they can use the different band to tie on.


Many suppliers said their MOQ(minimum of quantity) is 100,and the cost of these box is 3.5usd to 2usd according to the quantity and you logo and slogan performance forms and size.


5 Low MOQ 30 and get the most favorable price

For more information about the custom packaging boxes just feel free to let us know, we will help you make low MOQ 30 and get the most favorable price. We will give you essential advice on your logo performance craft. Whatapp:0086 13465813039

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