Have You Ever Meet This Terrible Things In Your 3D Mink Eyelashes Business ?

1st some of my customer said they receive a good sample from other wholesale 3d mink lashes vendors.

wholesale 3d mink lashes vendors emma lashes

when they receive the bulk orders ,they are different that the sample ,why?

Because they save the costs,they use the low quality mink fur which have no cusp,and the direction of the top eyelashes is not match the direction of your eye.


More serious,the supplier import the semi-finishes product from North Korea,because of the cheap labor,and they have no QC team and process control link,so the lashes are out of control


and the cheapest lashes must be made by machine,so they are very very cheap.the most authentic 3d mink fur eyelashes must be made by hand.

2nd Did you find your lashes filled with smell of chemical?

It have two reason cause the chemical smell.They use bad glue in order to save cost ,it is harmful to you body and your eye,if you sell out ,you will lose your customer,even worse you will bear legal liability and lose the market.the cheap lashes usually sold from 1 to 2 usd/pair


if they use top grade glue,that would more expensive ,the cost of the lashes would be 3to 12 usd /pair,different lashes different price,just so simple.


Take the long view,you should take responsibility for your products and your customers,and you should be confident with your 3d mink lashes and your market,they can profit you a lot if you have a good Wholesale 3D Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer And Vendors.


The second reason is when styling 3D effect,they molding the lashes with chemical liquid medicine, you can imagine what will happen when you put on the chemical liquid medicine lashes in your eyes?

3d mink eyelashes #wholesale 3d mink lashes

  Emma lashes we research and develop unique manufacturing process – heat treatment molding in the world,to promote the 3d effect ,and the 3d effect is lasting and harmless.

4 thoughts on “Have You Ever Meet This Terrible Things In Your 3D Mink Eyelashes Business ?”

  1. Shamaurii Bolden

    Hello my name is Shamaurri Bolden, I am interested into working with you guys I want to try a a tray of the HG002(3), HG004(2) 25 mm Siberian mink lashes once I tried the 2 I will order a bulk wholesale 25mm mink lashes please get back with me with pricing and shipment information thank you.

  2. Good morning I was wondering if you provided sample 3d mink Lashes before I decide to buy wholesale mink lashes. Also, the pricing of your 25mm siberian mink lashes and shipping

    1. hi ,honey ,sure ,just give me your detail info,but you should pay the shipping coast,more detail info i have sent to your email,thanks.

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