Good eyelashes vendors

What can Good Eyelashes Vendors do for you?

If you find professional Eyelashes Vendors, they can do a lot for you.

First, design a unique logo for you.

They can help people who want to start a 3D Mink Eyelash Business Line.

Second, customize the packaging box for your Mink Eyelashes.

If you want to build your own brand, don’t miss the custom boxes. It’s now or never.

Third, build a website for you.

We have an IT team who can help you set up your website if you need help and professional photographers
who will take professional photos of your business and promote your business for you?

Fourth, we Eyelashes vendors design custom eyelashes for you.

If you want to make unique style lashes for your Lashes Business Line, you’d better make custom lashes, no one can copy you, so your lashes will be unique in the market.

You will have more and more customers and your Lashes Business Line will get stronger and stronger.

So, if your sales numbers are as follows, you should pay attention to the style and quality of your lashes.

If you choose good Lash Vendors, they will provide you with the top and latest lash styles.

For more expert knowledge about Cheap 3D Mink Eyelashes, please add WhatsApp for more details.

fluffy mink lashes
fluffy mink lashes

Where can you find a cheap Eyelash Supplier?

There are two modes of Eyelash Wholesale Business. One is through transactions between buyers and sellers (Eyelash Factories And Manufacturers) and third-party platforms. The other is a direct transaction between buyers and sellers without the involvement of a third party.

There are many mink eyelash factories around the world, mostly in developing countries.

You can come to China, where there are many excellent eyelash factories, especially in Qingdao. Our factory is located in Qingdao. The Natural Mink Eyelasheswe produce are not only of good quality but also at a reasonable price because there are no middlemen who make the difference.

wholesale fluffy mink lashes factory
wholesale fluffy mink lashes factory

1. About our company

Emma Lashes is one of the leading domestic suppliers and manufacturers of personal eyelashes, eyelash extension tools,
3D Mink Eyelashes, 5D 25MM Mink Eyelashes bands, Eyelash Packaging Boxes, and other products in China.

The company also produces human hair eyelashes, Mink Eyelashes, animal hair eyelashes, and other products.

We can also wholesale and customize eyelashes according to your samples.

Have our own factory and a large inventory, so the quantity of eyelashes is stable.

As a top lash vendor, We also employ professional designers who would attend the Paris Fashion Exhibition every year to learn new design concepts and follow the new trends of the times, which also can attract more new customers.

2. The detailed services we provide for our customers

(1)  We specialize in producing 25MM Mink Eyelashes, 3D Mink Eyelashes, and normal mink eyelashes.

In addition, we also provide our own brand of custom eyelash bags, mink eyelash glue, mink eyelash washing machine, and mink eyelash brush.

(2) Our eyelashes are from high-quality eyelash suppliers who Wholesale 25MM Mink Eyelashes.

We have won the trust and support of thousands of 3D Mink Eyelash and 25MM Mink Eyelash entrepreneurs with our fast shipping,

quality products, and attentive after-sales service.

amazing lashes
amazing lashes

We now have over 100 different eyelash packages to choose from.

We have professional designers who can help you design your mascara after you confirm the order.

(4) Designing your own brand is of utmost importance in the eyelash business.

Better help you realize your business dream of brushing eyelashes.

We have professional designers to design it for you for free.

(5) We are willing to provide free eyelash samples for you to confirm before you decide to order our products.

I believe this is the service that many other eyelash suppliers are reluctant to offer.

wholesale 25mm mink lashes
wholesale 25mm mink lashes

3. Benefits of Lash Mink Eyelashes

(1) Our Natural Mink Lashes are 100% handmade, so to ensure the symmetry, beauty, consistency, and perfection of our 20MM 3D Lashes, every worker can only produce 10 pairs of Luxury Mink Lashes per day.

The number of lashes we produce is limited, so we can ensure the quality of our 3D Mink Lashes.

(2) We use the longest hair on the mink’s tail, with long peaks, no trimming, no follicles or tips, so it will not look unnatural.

Our eyelashes are cruelty-free and are mainly collected during the mink detailing process.

(3) Universal suppliers are chemically treated with a certain number of chemical materials for the molding process.

If you are careful, you will notice that the eyelashes you purchase have some chemical smell.

The lashes we wear every day come in contact with our skin and our skin comes in contact with chemicals.

You should know what will happen, it is very scary.

(4) Our warehouse is equipped with timely replenishment of stock and our professional delivery staff can deliver within 12 hours

after the order information is placed.

We have signed a contract with a courier company who can arrive at the warehouse.

(5) Our Mink Eyelashes are made of 100% mink by hand, which are stylish and comfortable to wear.

Our bulk Mink Eyelashes are inexpensive.

4. The process of placing an order

(1) The customer asks the sales department

(2) The salesperson replies to the customer as soon as possible, quoting and confirming the product name, size, quantity, delivery date, etc.

(3) The salesperson sends the official order to the customer through negotiation.

(4) Make production orders and arrange the production.

(5) A week later, have the inspector check the goods before delivery.

(6) If there is nothing wrong with the goods, the salesperson should give the address/phone number name to the delivery person and ask the delivery person to deliver the goods.

(7) After the delivery is successful, the delivery person will give the sales a courier number,

then the salesperson gives the customer this courier number and tells the customer which courier company they use and how many days it will take to receive the goods.

(8) Customers are welcome to consult us if they have any questions after receiving the goods.

If the goods are damaged in transit, we will give you a replacement in the next order, as long as you send the video and photos to our staff.

pill lashes packaigng
pill lashes packaigng

5. We provide OEM/ODM lashes service.

Our design team is definitely our inspiration center; they are professional and experienced to grasp the fashion trend accurately.

If you want your own brand lashes with a good appearance, personalized labels,

and Eyelash Packaging Boxes, their creative ideas can give you a big surprise!

Our designers

Most companies in China do not have their own designers.

After all, it costs more money.

But our company has a great advantage in this field.

In order to design more fashionable eyelash styles, our company employs experienced professional eyelash designers.

They are very famous in China’s fashion world.

Carefully designed products are ergonomic, comfortable, and lightweight.

Never too old to learn.

The designers never stop learning, and every year they go to the Paris fashion show to learn eyelash fashion design styles.

He is always committed to studying the changes in the market.
Only in this way can we optimize our eyelash products, so that the eyelashes can be constantly innovated and more accessible to people.

Thank you for finding us and following us, we are the most trustworthy and reliable Wholesale Mink Eyelashes in China.

We also recommend you collect our free eyelash samples before you start your eyelash business.

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if you want to promote your eyelash business better, you can do sample packaging.

lashes packagings USA
lashes packagings USA

Today we also provide you with some bestselling eyelashes;

you can choose any Wholesale Eyelash Vendors for your eyelash business Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers,

Mink Eyelash Supplier, 25mm eyelashes.

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes, wholesale eyelash sellers,

wholesale eyelash sellers, you will find they sell fast.

These styles of Mink Eyelashes from eyelash wholesalers can help you make your eyelash business more and more successful.

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