Where to buy cheap lashes

Where to buy cheap Eyelashes Mink?

Emma Lashes is one of the best Eyelash Mink factory, located in the hometown of eyelashes. If you want to buy cheap Wholesale Mink Lashes, we please add our WhatsApp, we will send all the popular style lashes catalog to you, we will supply super high-quality lashes and competitive wholesale price to you, if you are new in the lash business, we can also help you start step by step.

Eyelashes Mink 3D
Eyelashes Mink 3D

And this post will show you more style of mink lashes, you can choose any Eyelash Mink you like.

Individual eyelashes mink

Individual Eyelash Mink is the new style in the market, if you love lash extension and have no time and energy to go to lash salon, you may choose the Individual Eyelashes Mink, you can apply on the Individual Eyelashes by yourself at home with applicator.

Eyelashes Mink
Eyelashes Mink

How much do Wholesale eyelashes mink cost?

If you choose the Natural Mink Lashes, that will be 2 USD to 5 USD according to the style and quantity.

And the luxury Dramatic lashes such as 20mm lashes and 22mm lashes, that will cost from 3USD to 5USD, and if you love long dramatic lashes, such as 25MM Mink Lashes, that will cost from 3 USD to 6 USD.

If you want to get a good wholesale price, you can also make a mix order, and make bulk orders, the more the cheaper.

And if you order custom lash packaging together, that will be cheaper.

Lashes Wholesale
Lashes Wholesale

You may choose Fake eyelashes mink

If you love mink lashes and do not want to buy silk lashes or plastic lashes, you may choose Fake Eyelashes Mink, they are mixed mink fur with plastic material, similar to mink fur but not in fact.

They are a little bit cheaper than mink lashes, but a little more expensive than plastic lashes, they belong to the Synthetic Lashes.

And if you want to order the Fake Eyelashes Mink, please contact us by WhatsApp, we will send the catalog to you, you can choose your favorite style.

Magnetic eyelashes mink

Beside, Magnetic Eyelashes Mink is also very popular in the market, if you choose Magnetic Mink Lashes, you should buy Magnetic Lashes Glue together, and the magnets can attach to your eye.

That is very easy to apply and will save time to apply on your Magnetic eyelashes mink, but you should choose the high-quality magnetic eyelashes contains 12 magnets.

If you choose 4 or 6 magnets mink lashes, you have to apply some lash glue. Otherwise, they can easily be blown off by the winds.

Why more and more people would love to choose Eyelashes Mink 3D?

Eyelashes Mink 3D is very popular since 2015, more and more girls would love to choose Eyelash Mink 3D to be the first choice instead of the other materials.


First, super high-quality.

As you know, all the luxury eyelashes Mink 3D is made of natural mink fur, strong, vivid, comfortable.

Second, super cool 3D effect

When you apply on your 3D Mink Eyelash, they will match your real eyelash fur very well, any angle will appears a perfect effect.

Third, reusable

More high quality Eyelashes Mink 3D can use up to 10 times, some good luxury can even up to 20 time+

Fourth, gorgeous and vivid

If you want to made a perfect eye make-up, you may choose luxury eyelashes mink 3D. They are made of natural young mink fur, strong, and soft.

Lash Wholesale
Lash Wholesale

Which lashes is better? Eyelashes Mink or Silk?

As we know, mink lashes is made of natural mink fur, and silk lashes is made of synthetic plastic materials.

If you are allergic to animal fur, you can choose silk lashes directly. and Silk lashes is much cheaper than natural mink fur. Too much soft and light.

But if you want to get the the luxury and vivid effect, you may choose natural mink fur, they can mix with your real lashes very well.

So all depends, different people, different choice.

More issues about Mink Lashes, please feel free contact us, we will try our best to help you.

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