Where To Buy Eyelash Box

Well, there are many ways to choose your Custom Lashes Packaging

The first way, you can order your Eyelash Boxes from your Lashes Vendor, and your Mink Lash Vendor will do the custom packaging box for you and will put your lash to your box together, and you don’t waste time with this packaging box and sell directly when you receive your lashes and custom packaging.


But some wholesalers have MOQ limits, so you should ask clearly when you make the order, usually, MOQ is 100 boxes, and if you order 30 boxes or 50 boxes,

they won’t accept this order.

Why do they have MOQ limit?

The first reason is that they don’t want to waste too much time on these little buyers, and they just want to serve budge orders and customers,

so you just keep searching the vendors.

Custom eyelash packaging

Yes , the minimum order quantity is 30! and you can easily Start Your Lashes Business. Because we have our own custom packaging factory and will help more and more girls to build their lashes brand.


the second way is that you can choose the custom packaging factory, but it is not the cheapest way,

but your lashes vendor has to send the lashes to your custom packaging factory, and usually your vendor will add money.

Otherwise, you have shipped the lashes one by one and you have to put the lashes and custom one by one.

Wholesale Lashes Vendors

Different ways with different shortcomings, you can choose according to your preference.

And you can buy a regular box which is cheaper and have no MOQ limit.


If you want to have your own custom packaging box, you can print your logo on the sticker and put the logo sticker on the lashes tray.

Lashes applicators

Because there are many details things you have to solve. So Emma Lashes advises you to buy the custom packaging box from your lashes vendor. because your lashes vendor will help you to send the parcel.


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