How To Use Applicators?

When you order Your 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale, you should also order some applicators to apply the Mink Lash.

mink eyelash wholesale UK USA
mink eyelash wholesale UK USA

And there are many different applicators in the market , different material different colors makes different style.

Form the material , you can choose iron applicators , plastic applicators,stainless steel applicators.

And also you can choose red colors , black color ,yellow ,pink ,purple, and golden colors, too many style to choose .

But how to choose the color of the applicators and how  to use applicator?

You should choose the color of the applicators according to the color of your logo. And that would be good to match the color. That looks more professional and beautiful.

So how to use applicator?

We usually use it to take Eyelash out of the tray ,and apply the lashes on the eyelashes.

The applicator can help you to apply the eyelash easily, and when you put them on the center of the eyelash and put on your eye line to match you eye ,and cut the extra part with Eyelash Scissors

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