Three main difference between silk lashes, mink lashes and flat/cashmere eyelash extensions

Among the concerns we’re asked consistently regarding Eyelash Expansions has to do with the difference between silk as well as mink eyelash expansions.

Having used these materials for many years, we’re very aware of the features of each product as well as why you could select one over the other.

Vegan lashes
Vegan lashes

You don’t need to bother with selecting which material at your visit– your lash stylist will be greater than pleased to assess your lashes as well as advise material for you.

All of our lashes are Vegan Lashes as well as cruelty-free!

Right here’s a little review on each kind:

Silk eyelash extensions

A manufactured fibre with a matte/natural black surface.

We make use of silk lashes in all of our quantity collections due to the fact that as a result of their texture as they fan out much better than faux-mink.

Best natural lashes
Best natural lashes

Faux-mink lash extensions

We protest animal ruthlessness, which is why we do not and also never ever will utilize genuine mink fur for lash extensions.

Not just this, the real mink will not hold its crinkle when damp.

We use faux-mink manufactured fibres created to copy genuine mink hair.

They are very shiny and black in colour and also somewhat finer.

Flat eyelash extensions

These are a reasonably new advancement in lashes– with flat lashes, the cross-section of the expansion is flatter or even more oval in shape than conventional eyelash extensions. This means they give a thicker, extra fabricated appearance without any additional weight (each fiber appears wider, however doesn’t consider more than a routine extension).

Level lashes are better for those who such as a glamourous, darker look.

Flat simply refers to the cross-section of the lash fibre, not the crinkle.

They are available in all the same crinkle kinds as various other lashes.

Russian strip lashes
Russian strip lashes

If you are interest in Lash Extensions, and do not have too much time and money to go to Lash Bar, you can buy Strip Lash Extension or Russian Strip Lashes from us,

That will save a lot of time and energy, besides, you can apply on your strip lash extensions at home by yourself easily.

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