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Can Lashes Cause Eye Infection?

Many girls love to apply 3D Mink Lashes to make perfect makeup, and some would choose Natural Lashes and some would like to choose Dramatic Eyelashes.

Also, there are many kinds of Lashes on the market, such as Mink Lashes, Silk Eyelash, Fiber Lashes, and Plastic Lashes.

But which one is the best lashes in the world? Which one is the safe Eyelash in the market?

Can Lashes cause eyelashes infection?

So it is an important thing for you to make sure that it is safe to wear the lashes, body first, beauty second.

So in fact, the Mink Eyelash is the Best Lashes in the world, which choose the natural mink fur hair as raw material, and all the lashes are made of hand, the only difference is the shaping process.

In order to make a perfect 3D multilayer, the 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale Manufacturer and Eyelash Vendor have to shape the lashes to make a beautiful appearance to match the eye.

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wholesale 3d mink lashes manufacturer and suppliers Emma lashes Lilly lashes vendor and suppliers in China 25 mm lashes

There are two main skills in the market.

The first one is to use chemical liquid to make a 3D effect appearance.

Which have chemical tastes when you smell the lashes and when it meets water, maybe there’s a chemical reaction. Which is harmful to your eye, and may cause an eye infection.

The second way is that the way Emma Lashes is used, we shape the lashes with heat treatment.

Which is safe, healthy, natural, and without any harm to your eye.

And you can wear our Luxury Lashes swim, and our Luxury Eyelash has no irritation at all, with lightweight.

And when you put on your lashes, your eyes will feel relaxed and comfortable.

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mink eyelash manufacturer China wholesale 3d mink lashes wholesale(10)

And the other lashes, are made of chemical substances, so you can imagine, what will happen when your eyes are dealing with chemicals every day?

And the safe way is to choose the Top Grad Lashes and you should clean your Mink Eyelashes with water, and when you are going to bed, you should take them off,

and release your eyes.

Your eyes need to breathe too.

So if you want to buy safe and healthy Eyelashes, welcome add Whatsapp008613465813039 to buy luxury lashes at competitive wholesale price.

Our lashes are made by our hand, 100% pure mink,100% hand-making,3 times QC inspection, BV, and SGS certification.

A wise woman wants health as well as beauty. Is that right?


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