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Why More And More People Would Choose Luxury 3D Mink Lashes With Wholesale Price?

As you know, luxury lashes are the best lashes in the world, and many girls have to give them up because of the money.


In fact ,the luxury lashes retail price would be 30 to 80usd each pair. And many girls can’t afford that

so you should cooperate with the locale Lashes Factory, and purchase some samples, and next order you can get the wholesale price.


And the price is reasonable, from 6 USD to 12USD, and you will get the luxury lashes at wholesale price,

and you can get more lashes and boxes at a low price. woo, you must love this.

And the luxury lashes are all made by hand, and the band is much softer than ordinary ones. Once you purchase one pair, you will love them

and the most important is that Luxury 3D Mink Lashes are 100% real mink fur with a gorgeous appearance.

And the wholesale price is much cheaper than the ordinary lashes’ retail price, so girls would like to purchase lashes from China, and they can afford the shipping cost.


The important issue is that luxury lashes are the safe and latest style. and if you purchase an ordinary one, all the lashes are the same to the distributor,

and your lashes will have no advantage because the lashes are the same you purchase.


So your customer will not love the lashes if your factory still uses styles out of date.

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