Where to buy 30MM Lashes

Where to buy 30MM Lashes?

What are 30MM Lashes?

30MM Lashes is the lashes, made by 30MM length fur, much longer than natural lashes and 25MM dramatic lashes.

Add both extra long Definition and Length to your natural eyelashes, ensuring you have both Comfort and Reusability.

30MM Lashes
30MM Lashes

How much do 30MM Lashes cost?

30MM Lashes cost a lot than 25mm dramatic lashes, we choose the best long natural mink fur which from the tail part of the young mink, sharpen, fluffy, and strong,

so that we can do the 30MM eyelash.

Few Lashes Vendors supply this because they are a little bit more expensive than ordinary lashes.

They cost from 6 usd to 8 usd according to the quantity.

If you buy the best 30MM eyelash you can leave comments to us, we will give you a good wholesale price.

30MM Eyelash
30MM Eyelash

The material of the 30MM Lashes

As you know, different materials different cost, we only use the best cruelty-free mink fur to make a perfect Luxury 30MM Lash.

Besides, you can also choose vegan material such as faux mink fur.

The length of the 30MM Lashes

As you know the 30MM Lashes is not each hair as long as the same length, if we want to make a perfect 3D effect,

we should mix from 10 mm to 30mm, so the longest mink fur hair is 30MM long.

The quality of our 30MM Lashes

We offer you all kinds of luxury eyelashes in various styles, colors and designs.

Adhering to the high standards of quality control, our lashes comply with EN ISO9001:2008 standards.

These glamorous lashes add volume and length comparable to traditional false lashes and can be reused up to 25 times!

30MM Lashes
30MM Lashes

The feather of 30MM Lashes

Enhance your eyes with the long-lasting, glamorous effect of 3D Mink lashes.

Intricately handcrafted by expert technicians to frame your eyes in a way that will leave onlookers breathless.

We spend 6 months TESTING & RESEARCHING these babies so we can deliver the MOST AMAZING and EXTRA LONG Lashes out there!

Why choose 30mm mink lashes?

Hey dear, are you one of those girls get excited with the wide range of false eyelashes?

Then you must have experienced the process of handle them. Then I am sure that you will be more than ecstatic when you introduce them to 30MM Lash .

It will give your eyes a whole new look and atmosphere that is bound to impress.

Just follow the instruction, you can see the magic on your eyes.

30mm 3d mink lashes
30mm 3d mink lashes

Trial Occasions

The Premium False Eyelashes 30mm are specially eyelashes made from mink fur. The best false eyelashes for Prom, Party, Wedding etc. to make your eyes more attractive.

Service life

Our 30mm eyelashes are made with natural mink hairs and hand set on black, lightweight, flexible and skin-friendly double sided tapes,

which can be easily use over and over again up to 25 times. With this eyelashes, you will receive the most natural look ever!

If you want to buy Wholesale 30MM Lash at a good wholesale price, you should find a good Lashes Vendor please let us know, we can also do OEM and ODM servie to you,

besides, all luxury lashes are in stock, no MOQ limit, so if you are a starter in this lashes business, never miss Emma Lashes, we will be your good parter in your business .

More issues about lashes and packaging please feel free contact us, we will hlep you one by one with patience.

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