20mm lashes

Where to buy 20mm lashes?

20MM Lashes is another famous lashes in the market, some girls love 25mm lashes because they are long dramatic style,

and some girls would love to choose 20MM Lashes because they are not as short as natural lashes.

And not as long as 25MM Lashes, so 20MM Lashes will be the best choice for them.

If you want to buy 20mm luxury lashes, here are the top 20mm lashes catalog for you,

all of them are tested by the market, all are in stock, besides, you can buy them at a cheap wholesale price.

If you want to buy wholesale 20mm lashes now, you can contact us by WhatsApp now.

20MM Lashes
20MM Lashes

What does 20mm lashes mean?

20MM Lashes is 20mm length lashes, usually call the length of fur that are 20MM long. Usually, the max length of the fur is 20MM,

and the other length of the fur is from 13mm to 20mm to make a perfect 3D Effect.

20mm mink lashes
20mm mink lashes

How much does 20mm mink lashes cost?

20MM Lashes are usually 3USD to 6 USD according to the quality and quantity. Cheaper than 25MM Lashes but more expensive than Natural Lashes.

Never buy the cheap bad 20mm lashes below 3 USD, the material is the bad one, and the shape is not vivid and fluffy.

You can test them and compare them with our luxury 20MM Lashes.

If you have no ideas on How to distinguish the difference between good lashes and bad lashes you can read this post to get more professional information.

20mm strip lashes
20mm strip lashes

How many style 20MM Lashes are in the market?

There are more than 100,000 styles of 20mm lashes in the market, all the luxury 20mm lashes are designed by ourselves,

if you want to buy the best 20MM Lashes, you should buy the best seller and the one identified by the market and clients.

So we suggest you begin with the hot style in the market so that you can easily sell them out in a short time and get your money back.

There so many girls buy cheap lashes and they can’t sell them out, so that would waste time and money.

20mm mink lashes individuals
20mm mink lashes individuals

Top 3 20MM Lashes Vendor

Emma Lashes

Emma Lashes focused on 20MM Individual Lashes for more than 10 years, if you want to buy top-grade luxury 20mm individual mink lashes,

you should choose Emma Lashes first.

Sisley Lashes

Sisley Lashes is a professional 20mm mink lashes strips vendor in the USA, if you are located in the US, never miss Sisley lashes,

they supply free 20mm mink individual lashes samples to you to test the quality first so that you can test the quality first, and then make a good decision.

CK Lashes

CK Lashes is one of the best 20mm mink lashes wholesale Lashes Factory, if you want to buy cheap wholesale mink lashes 20mm,

you can contact them to get a good cheap wholesale price.

They are not only cheap but also good. Especially you just start your lashes business,

you can buy your cheap 20MM Lashes from CK Lashes at a cheap wholesale price.

Besides, if you have already had your own [[lash business]], you should buy the top seller from the market,

you have to choose Emma Lashes, as one of the professional Lilly Lashes Vendor we supply the best luxury mink lashes, faux mink lashes, and Magnetic Lashes

Anything about your 20MM Lashes or Lashes Packaging about your 20mm lashes, please feel free to contact us,

we will give you a professional guide and a competitive wholesale price, because we are one the best luxury lashes factories focus on the best lashes and service to our customers.

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