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How To Choose 3D Mink Lashes In Summer?

There are many parties outdoors when summer comes ,and a lot of girl want to select the perfect make up and lashes, so how to choose 3D Mink Lashes in summer?


First ,you should consider the place of the party.

Is that a outdoor party or indoor party? If you attend an beach party, and you should wear sunglasses to protect you eye ,and you’d better not wear 25MM 3M Mink Lashes and 28mm 3d mink lashes, because it can cause friction with your sunglasses and generate static electricity.

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If you attend an indoor party, so you can choose whatever you like , and don’t worry about this issue.

So ,if you attend outdoor party ,you can wear 20mm mink lashes and regular lashes, to keep distance with your sunglasses.

Second, you should choose the waterproof lashes.

if you want to go to the water ,you can just jump into the water with your luxury waterproof lashes, and don’t have to put them off the lashes can be easily dry when you get out of the water.

Otherwise ,your lashes will fall down the furs ,and that would be very annoying. And you never want to wear them again.

Third ,never use the chemical lashes.

When the lashes meet the water ,that would produce chemical reaction and will heart your eye. And you can’t open your eye ,and the worth you have to go to the clinic to ask the doctor for help .

So ,if you use the best eyelashes you can avoid these trouble things also you’d better choose the magic glue, if you use eyeliner you could become a panda when you get out of the water LOL…

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