Which Style Is The Most Popular Style ?3D Dramatic Mink Eyelashes Or 3D Natural Eyelashes Mink?

Many girls love Natural 3D Mink Eyelashes and they purchase 3D Mink Eyelashes Wholesale Bulk orders and others love 3D Dramatic Mink Eyelashes and purchase 3D Mink Eyelashes Bulk orders,is that wise?

Well ,different people different taste. But you should know your customer and your local market and then make the right order and decision. How to do this ?


First ,you should make a survey , and if you follow Emma Lashes ,you will receive sample first ,and it is very important for you ,because it is not only can help you test the quality but also you should test the markets,you can post your picture by SNS,and if your customer love them,they will message to you and so you can make the decision to purchase more.

mink eyelash factory
mink eyelash factory

And you can not make bulk orders without any test and sample orders. You should know exactly what you want to do with you 3D Mink Lashes Business Lines, after you open the local market with your Luxury Mink Lashes and you will have a lot of customers that you can make bulk orders.

So you can always find the best way to choose lashes styles with your heart and make the right choose.

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