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Wholesale magnetic lashes

wholesale magnetic lashes USA

First , what is magnetic lashes ?

The Wholesale Magnetic Lashesis the strip lashes with magnetic instead of the eyelash glue. You can put on magnetic eyeliner to attach on the lashes easily.
There are many material magnetic lashes in the market. Such as Magnetic Mink Lashes and faux mink magnetic lashes.

And faux mink lashes is much cheaper than magnetic mink lashes . if you choose magnetic lashes you should buy magnetic eyeliner together instead of the lashes glue.

Second, how to apply magnetic lashes ?

You should cut off the extra part of the band , so that the band will match your eye very well.
And then put on the eyeliner on your eyelash, so your magnetic lashes will attack on the eyeliner easily.

Third , why most of the magnetic lashes are natural lashes ?

Most of the magnetic lashes are natural lashes , because natural lashes is short and light , if you choose 20mm and 25mm long dramatic lashes , you need to add more magnetic block. So the weight of the lashes will be much heavier than the natural lashes.

And the magnetic lashes can be take off easily.

so if you want to order magnetic lashes , make sure to choose natural lashes.

Fourth, do magnetic lashes much more safe than normal strip lashes ?

Most people would choose magnetic lashes , because they are safe.

In fact , the eyeliner is a special glue mix with magnetic. And the magnetic lashes is much heavier than the one without magnetic.

So if you use best eyelash glue and luxury lashes , that will be much more safer than the magnetic one.

So it depends . if you choose top grade quality lashes and eyelash glue, that will be much safe. And the eyelash will be lighter than magnetic lashes.

Sometime, lashes with glue are much sticky than magnetic lashes.

So you can choose any style lashes you want to make a perfect eye makeup.


Fifth ,do wholesale magnetic lashes with liner suit for you ?

If you order magnetic lashes , you have to order eyeliner to apply on the magnetic lashes. So if you order Magnetic lashes with liner, that will be much cheaper .

If you want to order magnetic lashes with liner suit now ,please let me know , whatsapp8615589878355.

Sixth, May I customized my magnetic lashes with private label ?

Yes , we have low MOQ to do your magnetic lashes with private label. Which help you easy to start your lashes business .
Also we will help you build your lashes brand with private label, and you should give us all your idea about your custom label.

Such as the shape , color, text, logo , you should tell us , and our designer will design for you just free. More details you can add whatsAppwhatsapp8615589878355.
what’s more, we have no MOQ limit if you do magnetic lashes with private label, instead , we provide cheap wholesale price for you to help you make more profit from the business.
If you want to cooperate with us to make more money, please feel free contact us.

Seventh, whats the price of the magnetic eyelashes wholesale ?


As you know , the process of magnetic lashes is a little bit complex than normal lashes . But we still provide cheap wholesale price to our regular customer, and all popular style are in stock.

In order to help our customer to test the market, we supply free eyelash sample to our customer.

The wholesale price of the magnetic lashes is $1 to $3.5 according to the quantity ,and we are Lashes Factory, the more the cheaper.

Eighth,where to buy wholesale magnetic eyeliner and lashes ?

There are many famous Lashes Vendor in the market, but you should choose China Lashes Factory, who will supply competitive wholesale price to you ,so you will have too much profits from the lashes business.
And if you order Magnetic Eyeliner together, you will get a good wholesale price. As we said ,the more you order ,the cheaper will be.

Anything about the magnetic lashes and magnetic eyeliner please feel free let me know , and we will help you find the best lashes and cheap wholesale price for you .