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How To Start Selling 3D Mink Lashes?

wholesale 3D mink lash vendors emma lashes 25mm luxury dramatic lashes show the best lashes vendor

If you have already follow out website, wholesale 3D mink lash vendors you may have already have your lashes business line ,and will get too much profits from the Mink Eyelash Business Line.


if you just want to start selling 3D Mink Eyelash, and here are some skilled steps help you start your business line.

wholesale 3D mink lash vendors emma lashes 25mm luxury dramatic lashes show the best lashes vendor

Fist ,if you have enough money ,you can find your Lashes Vendor  From Qingdao China.

Because Qingdao is a Large Production Base And Birthplace Of Eyelashes, you can find every styles you like ,and they will provide you competitive wholesale price ,and you can import your lashes from there.

3d mink eyelashes MG01
3d mink eyelashes MG01

Second,What you should do is to choose your favorite styles and length according to your market.

so make a good order is to make a good decision according to your local aesthetic idea. If you have no idea about this you can contact us WhatAapp008613465813039 ,just tell me which area and county are you in  and we will help you make a good order and will provide you the hot popular styles for you.


Thirdly, when you orders lashes from you lashes vendors ,next step you should order your custom packaging box from your lashes vendors ,and they will provide you  many kinds of popular lashes boxes .

And you can choose the one you like  according to the color of your logo, and choosing a correct custom packaging box if also have skills ,more details welcome contact us WhatsApp008613465813039, or you can follow our blog ,we will update more skills to help you Start Your Lashes Business Line With Luxury 3D Mink Eyelashes .

3d mink eyelashes MG01-2
3d mink eyelashes MG01-2

Fourth, there are many kinds of custom packaging boxes for you to choose .

What you should do is to choose the most popular one in your market and if your Lashes Brand have much more influence in your local market , you publish your own new styles that your market haven’t push on the market. You can hold your new product launch.

Besides ,there too many skills in your purchasing progress . more detail welcome contact us WhatsApp008613465813039


Fifth, if you have little budget , you have two ways to start your eyelashes business .

The first one is that you can choose your vendor who can provide drop shipping service , and you can build your own eyelashes brand and your website .

when the customer make an order ,and you make a order to ,your lashes vendors will ship the  lashes for you with your logo, and you will have no capital and inventory pressure and risk ,and you can easily get your money back from this business way.


So you should find a reliable MINK EYELASHES VENDORS, if you need help and want to start your drop shipping business line ,you can contact us WhatsApp008613465813039 we will provide top grade Luxury Mink 3D Hair Lashes for you to Build Your Own Eyelashes Brand.

The second way is that you should choose a Huge Store Mink 3D Hair Eyelashes Manufacturer

who will make the lashes delivery the next day for you ,so your customer will receive the lashes in time.


If you choose a bad Mink Lashes Vendors And Suppliers Wholesale , you will lose your customer and your lashes vendor will sell the lashes to your customer ,so you must avoid these bad things happen ,and you should sign a drop shipping contact with your lashes vendor to avoid the terrible things.


All in all, each way fill with advantages and disadvantages, the safe way is that you can find your lashes vendor and they have no MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity), and you will spend less money to start your business line.

More help PLS add WhatsApp008613465813039,we will help you make the right decision.

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How To Start A Lashes Drop Shipping Business?

3d mink eyelashes stock

Are you a beauty lover?

Do you want to Start Your Own Lashes Business Line?

If you have little budget, you can choose drop shipping to start your lashes business and build your own lashes brand.

How dose it work?

First ,we sign agreement on the business operation and establish relationship with each other.

Second ,we will send you the catalog for you to choose your lashes and will give you the exact price.

Third ,you can choose the box ,and we will make the logo sticker for you to choose and when you make the order ,we will put your logo sticker on the box .

Forth ,choose the cheaper shipping cost way ,and make sure the shipping cost.

Fifth , all the issues have solved ,we will sign the drop shipping contract with each other. All the issues you worry about the cooperation will be solved.

And we will ship your parcel directly to your customers and leave all the questions about  capital and inventory pressures to us.

Seventh ,Shipping way.

mink eyelash manufacturer China emma lashes feedback

We use China Post to ship the lashes ,shipping cost 10$ each parcel within 50g, $10 will be added for each additional 50g of weight. It will need 7-15 business days ,and it depends the local custom to pass the parcel and customs duties on your side.

Customer confidentiality

We will ship the lashes with your logo ,and never use Emma Lashes Logo, and protect customer information , never gather and use these information for commercial.


We will send you the photos of the packing process to ensure the parcel without any factory logo.

So ,we will help your build your own lashes business brand with little money. More details welcome contact us whatsapp:008613465813039.

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How To Improve Your 3D Mink Eyelash Business Sales?


So if you have already created your lashes business line you should know more about how to improve your 3d mink lashes sales,so that you can sell more lashes and get more profits.

Before the solution ,You should know why people buy your lashes? In fact ,there are many lashes vendors in the market,Why choose your brand?

Are your 3d mink lashes unique in the market ?

Are Your wholesale 3d mink lashes very cheap than the others?

 Can you provide the best service to the customers?

Is your material 100% real mink fur?

Are your lashes luxury lashes with competitive wholesale price?

Are your lashes are unique style in the market?

Maybe you have your answers .so let’s begin the question.

First ,let more people know you.

You should make your own marketing plan and action.

Marketing plan must comes from your team ,and every one can do it consciously.

Run all kinds of ads with a reasonable budget.calculate the input-output ratio.

Second,establish corporate image system.

Especially SNS system. And create your lashes brand by SNS,share beautiful lashes to the followers ,and update the post regularly.

Third, let the custom get more, small profits but quick turnover.

If your custom buy lashes from you ,you should give her a gift or discount especially regular customer,and they will remember you ,and you should notice them when offers come.


Fourth,establish new account development and old account maintenance mechanism.

Say greetings to your customer everyday ,and let them know you care about her and you will know the progress of the customer.


Fifth,update your lashes styles each week ,and provide the most popular to your customer.

Word of mouth spread is fast and economical.

More details welcome add whatsapp 008613465813039

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Emma Lashes 3D Mink Lashes Description


1 all the lashes are the latest styles

2 100% top quality real siberian mink fur which are vivid and fluffy

3 100% hand-made by skilled workers

4 3 times QC inspection, BV and SGS certification


5 more ethereal and softer

6 no harm to the eyes

7 easy to wear

8 100% genuine, cruelty free mink lashes

9 lashes glue have no irritation no odor ,health to bodies.

10 the band is soft and thin comfortable to wear

11 3 Dimensional Design makes great 3d effect that gives a fluffy and flattering appearance

12 Long lasting allowing an average of 25+ applications if properly cared