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How do you plan your career

mink eyelash manufacturer China wholesale 3d mink lashes wholesale(5)

This post we collected from Emma Lashes ,Luxury 3D Mink Lashes Manufacturer And Vendors ,CEO,BEN.


There are three things you should consider before you start working.

The first one is that do you love your job?

The second is what does work bring you?

The third thing is will you keep doing it?

So the do what you love , and choose the job you like is very important for young people , and the world is changing so fast , if you want to keep step with the changing , you should study everyday , and to day I would advise you start a second career.

In order to keep the step of the change, you’d better choose a second career that you love but you never begin to do it , and the second career can’t effect your main job , but that will makes you study with passion.

And you make progress everyday, and you become confidence ,and more rich. And what should you do and how to choose the second career ?

mink eyelash manufacturer China wholesale 3d mink lashes wholesale(9)

Maybe the second career you should begin with the internet business. And should be closely related to people’s daily life. And that will never out of date. Such as basic necessities of life, food , clothing,shelter and means of traveling.

If you have enough money and you can begin with high level job , and you can hire senior intellectuals and staff to work for you, but if you have limit budget you should do the business by yourself with little money.

When you sold out you product , you will get your money back ,and invest them, and you will get some profits from your internet business.

If your product is attractive and with high quality ,your business will grow like a snowball.

We have helped many girls Start The Lashes Business and the young people have enough money to buy cars , house, telephones.etc.

mink eyelash manufacturer China wholesale 3d mink lashes wholesale(16)
mink eyelash manufacturer China wholesale 3d mink lashes wholesale(16)

And finally, they quit their jobs and went all to build their eyelash brand. And they have already have too many staffs to open the local with our Luxury 3D Mink Lashes.

We warm welcome the young people visit our factory and join us , we do believe you can succeed with our luxury 3d mink lashes, and we would help you from 0 to for ever.

Just join us whatsapp008613465813039.

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3D Mink Eyelash Wholesale Vendors

mink eyelash manufacturer China wholesale 3d mink lashes wholesale(16)

Emma Lashes ,as the Best 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale Eyelash Vendors ,have push out too many new style Luxury Lashes in the market ,and many other 3D Mink Eyelash Wholesale Manufacturer copy us ,and copy our lashes style.

First, BUT THEY CAN’T COPY THE SEOL from our luxury lashes

And you can easily compare our lashes with what you order from others ,and that’s why we suggest new customer begin with samples first ,

and you can easily test the quality and the market.

mink eyelash manufacturer China wholesale 3d mink lashes wholesale(3)
mink eyelash manufacturer China wholesale 3d mink lashes wholesale(3)

Second, when you receive our Luxury 3D Mink Eyelashes, you can compare our lashes with the others 

You should also wear them on to test the band and feeling, when you apply them on ,you can easily tell them apart

that’s the difference between Emma Luxury Lashes  and the ordinary ones.

mink eyelash manufacturer China wholesale 3d mink lashes wholesale(16)
mink eyelash manufacturer China wholesale 3d mink lashes wholesale(16)

Third, never make bulk orders from other vendors before you receive our lashes sample.

And if you order others already , you can test your sales speed and regular customer.

Because every lashes is your image ambassador of you brand, if you use bad lashes to your customer , when they use our luxury 3d mink lashes ,

they will know What Is The Real Mink Luxury Eyelash, and you will lose your regular customer.

mink eyelash manufacturer China wholesale 3d mink lashes wholesale(15)
mink eyelash manufacturer China wholesale 3d mink lashes wholesale(15)

Fourth, this is a big damage for you and your business.

You can’t miss Emma Lashes if you want to get more and more customer ,because we pay too much time and energy to design our lashes and test the lashes , we have strict QC team, if the from the raw material to the product , each process is strictly controlled by the QC team.

mink eyelash manufacturer China wholesale 3d mink lashes wholesale(6)
mink eyelash manufacturer China wholesale 3d mink lashes wholesale(6)

If the mink fur is broken and the top of the mink fur is not sharpen , we will not add them to the lashes , we just throw them away, which will add cost of our luxury lashes , but we still sell our luxury mink eyelash with reasonable wholesale price to our partners ,and what we want is to bring the Real 100% 3D Mink Lashes to the Beauty Lovers.

Fifth,we never use bad raw materials .

And we spend too much time money people to do research and invest ,to launch new products ,to satisfy consumers.

mink eyelash manufacturer China wholesale 3d mink lashes wholesale(13)
mink eyelash manufacturer China wholesale 3d mink lashes wholesale(13)

So the one who caught the consumer’s love and heart, who caught the market . because the consumer only love the real and luxury lashes instead of the bad ones.

mink eyelash manufacturer China wholesale 3d mink lashes wholesale(10)
mink eyelash manufacturer China wholesale 3d mink lashes wholesale(10)

Seventh,So never miss the opportunity to cooperate with us .

If your competitor do , you will lose too many customers in your local market.

More business question welcome inquiry Whatsapp008613465813039

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How To Create Lashes Brand?


If you just have already have your own Lashes Business Line and get more profits from your Mink Lashes Wholesale business line.

To create lashes brand is not just create your Eyelash Packaging, and put your Private Label on the lashes tray ,that’s the basic thing you should do .

Today , Emma Lashes will help you to create your own brand with complex way step by step to lead you which way you should choose.

First ,you should choose the most popular lashes.

Choose the luxury lashes not the common one . Girls love the popular one and the best Mink Lashes ,not the Cheap one.

Such as ,25MM Lashes, they are dramatic styles and girls love them very much in USA, If you have the unique style ,each girl will remember you and your brand ,and they will tell the others that your lashes are very good and gorgeous with reasonable retail price.


Yes ,that’s word-of-mouth marketing which spread very fast and have no cost.

So ,your product and customer is the basic stone to the success.

Never use bad lashes, never cheat your customers.

Second. Adjust market strategy .

Develop marketing strategy, let more and more people know you and your brand.

Never miss SNS plat and social operation .

You should build your own curriculum in your SNS . Tell the people How To Wear Eyelashes?

How To Clean 3D Mink Lashes?

That worked ,and you will get many fans and followers ,which are your potential customer.

So build your channel and share the latest lashes and make up skill to your audience ,you will get more than you imagine.

Third .pay attention to your AD.

Choose your target audience ,select the right age and area, you should use precision marketing with reasonable cost.


Control the input-output ratio. Use the reasonable keyword and price, let more people watch your product and increase the visibility.

Fourth ,improve after-sale service system and increase customer satisfaction.

Do everything for the customer and let the custom feel the unique service that others don’t have.

Don’t assume that because your product is so good , you don’t need after-sales service.


Customer need more than product , you can’t miss this point.

Besides ,there are so many thing you have to do , more details welcome contact us whatsapp 008613465813039.

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How To Make More Profits From Your 3D Mink Lashes Business Line?


If you have your lashes business line you should consider this issues.

what are your costs?

How much did you spend on AD?

And what’s your profit?

This is three points you have to face and should calculate exactly.

The key point is that to make more profits from your 3D Mink Lashes Line.


1st The first cost is lashes and custom packaging box cost.

Some one want to purchase some Cheap Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes and Cheap Custom packaging box , so that there’s more profits ,yes that’s true.

But not exactly right. You should also consider the quality, if you lose your customer by low product and poor lashes ,you should change the lashes and custom packaging with high quality lashes and custom packaging box.

The retail price would be much higher than the cheap one ,and you can also make more profits and own more customers.

2nd The shipping cost.

Most distributors import lashes from China with wholesale price, and sometimes the shipping cost is more expensive than the lashes cost and custom cost .

As you know you ,the shipping cost depending the weight and the country. If you order the custom packaging box ,you should order the lashes at the same time.


And if your vendors are two different vendors you can ask your custom packaging box factory post the box to the lashes vendor, and so the lashes can put into the box and you can post them together with the same shipping cost ,because the lashes are very light .

3rd custom duties cost.

If you declare goods at the true price, you will be charged a lot of duties. So you can ask your vendors to write the price less when they declare the goods.

4th Marketing cost.

There is the heat of the whole business ,and if you are our regular customer, you can write down your email ,and we will send you the details step by step.


And we will send you our high quality photo and video with your own logo ,we have our own professional cameraman and digital processor. You will save more in this part . and we will give you the copyright to use this high quality picture and video.

You can share this photo and video by your SNS, and we do believe your customer will love them and make more orders to you with Luxury 3D Mink Lashes And Your Custom Packaging Box .

3d mink eyelashes MG06
3d mink eyelashes MG06

So ,just join in Emma Lashes, we will help you build your own lashes brand and help you start your lashes business line .

More issues welcome to contact us :WHATSAPP 008613465813039,we will help you make the right order and decision.

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Do You Really Know 3D Mink Eyelashes Individual?

eyelashes vendors



Many girl want to order 3D Mink Eyelashes Individual, and they fine a lot of Wholesale 3d Mink Lashes Vendor by many ways, and the Mink Lashes Vendor will give you all kinds of lashes ,even more they said they have more than 6,000 styles you can choose ,is that true?

So if you do you really purchase 6,000 styles mink lashes from the one who said he have 6000 styles lashes?

In fact ,many styles that have already out of date, and once you purchase, you can sell them out immediately ,and finally you have to sell them out with discount and you have to bear the damage.

So how to make the right order and get more profit from what you choose?

You have two ways to make the right order.


First way, you can ask for the latest style lashes and the hot one from your lashes vendor

And they will send you the latest styles to you ,and you can choose them according to your market.

The second way ,you have already know what you want to order ,and you can send the hot lashes picture to your lashes vendor and tell them ,that’s what you want to purchase

And they will choose the exact style to you ,and if they don’t have the style you order, and they will tell you to choose the similar one instead.

And in this case ,you should be careful with this issue

Unless you trust them and have already cooperated with them for many times and you can do this ,otherwise they will give you the bad lashes to you even if you have already order the exact number of the lashes.

Because many girls find us and said this issue ,I feel very angry about this Lashes vendors and we will never do this ,and we only supply High Quality Luxury 3D Mink Lashes to our customer and never cheating to them ,because our customers are god to us ,and we can’t deceive out God.

So ,if you really want to order 3D Mink Eyelashes Individual

You’d better to customized them for yourself ,because different people have different eye and line ,your lashes should fit your face and eye, so your unique length and unique style just for you, and that would be pretty good and fit for your eye.


So if you want to design and made your own unique styles, welcome to cooperate with us and we will design for you and make your own luxury 3d mink lashes .

And you can find your star PR and made for them that will make sense and create star power to your Lashes Business Line.

That would be so cool if you in this way, and you will lead the trend of the lashes beauty , once you begin with customized lashes you will be NO 1 in your local market and will get more profits from this business model.

So you can show your customized lashes by your INS ,Facebook, and your web, and we will provide high quality picture for you and you just Easy To Start Your Lashes Business Line.


And the earlier you do this business model ,the more profits you will get and the important thing is that you can lead the market.

wholesale 3d mink lashes
wholesale 3d mink lashes vendors emma lashes

Because no one have customized lashes according to your customer’s eye line and the face, once you did ,you can really do individual 3d mink lashes for your customer and once your customer use the lashes and they will not buy other vendor’s lashes from the market .

Every girls ,want to order her own style and Customized Lashes.


More information PLS kindly contact us Whatsapp 008613465813039, we will provide top service and professional skill to make the best luxury lashes for you and your business line.

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3D Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor 25mm Mink Strip Lashes Manufacturer


wholesale 3d mink lashes


You have three ways to make customized lashes boxes to build your own lashes business line, and this post I will share you the step one by one and very easy to start your lashes business line.


First way ,you have your drawings and you can send the picture to the Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Vendors

And they will design your box according your drawings and you should communicate the detail with the salesman and check the final effect picture to make sure they are what you want.


The second way is that you just have your idea.

But you can’t draw them out ,and you can ask lashes vendor for help,and they can design the box from your descriptions.


The third way is that you have no idea and drawings

And you just want to start your lashes business line ,you can ask your lashes vendor to advise some fashion styles ,all you need to do is to give your logo to the designer and they will give you many choice to choose.

And if you want your boxes be unique,you should take the first way and the second way to design your custom packaging box .

mink eyelashes for sale
mink eyelashes for sale

But if you want the most popular one ,you should ask the salesman and they will tell you which one is the best seller and you should tell them which country are you in and they will give you the exact advice on how to start your lashes business and choose the right lashes.


Anything about the Lashes and custom packaging box ,just feel free contact us ,we will help you design your unique lashes and box just for free if you purchase Emma Lashes.

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Custom Packaging Box Help You Build Your Own Brand

wholesale mink lashes 3d strip manufacturer

First,Many girls want to Start My Lashes Business Line and would choose custom packaging box to build their own lashes brand.

And they should choose or design the style of the box ,and add their logo and slogan ,email box ,telephone number .etc information on the box.

So if you choose the right Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Vendors ,they will help you to design your logo and you just tell them your idea to the designer

and they can provide free service to you if you order the Lashes and Custom Packaging Box.

And they will provide you all kinds of custom packaging box you want, and what you do is to choose, and put your logo and slogan on the surface of the box

It’s bullshit when they said your custom packaging box is unique in the world, if you want to order the unique box you have to design for yourself

and make sure the color the pattern ,the slogan and everything is original.

Second,So in this case ,you have to choose the most favorite style

you like and make the order.

So make sure you do have a logo, and that the basic thing to build your own lashes business line.

 And what you should care about is that MOQ, because many Lashes Vendor said their MOQ is 200 which make many girls have to choose Emma Lashes

because Emma Lashes MOQ is 30!!, yes only 30!!!that means  you can just start your lashes business line with little budget ,

and you can choose you custom packaging box and success in building your lashes brand.

Third,We respect every girl who real love beauty and help the one who really want to start the lashes business line

And earn money to improve the quality of the life and share the Real Siberian Mink Strip Lashes to the local market.

Here’s our latest custom packaging box , which one do you like ? just tell us ,we will make for you within 10 days

and you can’t miss the opportunity to get more profit with competitive price

once your customer purchase our Luxury 3D Mink Lashes, they will never buy the other lashes ,and you must use our lashes to open the market .

Anything about our custom packaging box and lashes ,just let us know ,and we will help you start your lashes business with the right and easy way.

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How To Make Your Own Style Lashes To Promote Your Lashes Business Line?

3d mink lashes HG004
wholesale 3d mink lashes vendors and manufacturers Emma Lashes help your start your business line

More and more distributors ask us to design and make the lashes for their business when they have already have their client base.

They just want to sell real unique style and customer wouldn’t buy them from any place. Because every Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Vendors said their lashes are unique in the world, is that true?

Not exactly, in fact, many lashes vendor buy semi-finished lashes from North Korea,which labour cost would much cheaper than Qingdao,China.


so they can’t focus on the lashes research and development ,but Emma Lashes,we design and produce lashes for whole business line ,we can control each link,and ensure the quality is perfect.

So if you visit your Lashes Vendor factory ,you should be careful if they are do whole lashes line,such as ,design the lashes by themselves.


Therefore,more and more people design the lashes by themselves instead of choose the same low material and the same style in the market.

What should you do when you design your lashes?

First ,the length.

You should know the length your custom lashes like ,and make sure the exact length.

Second ,the curl,different curl different 3d effect .

Third ,you should deign the structure of the lashes.

All the factor make different lashes styles and if you love dramatic ones you will choose 25mm or 28 mm lashes with cross structure.

So if you want to produce your unique lashes you should make the drawings to us ,and we will produce your lashes according to the drawings.

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How To Order Your Eyelash Custom Packaging ?

Many girls wants to start a lash business line,but they have no idea to order more lashes and custom packaging box because the budget is limited.


 So if you just want to start your lash business line ,you can order the regular box with your logo sticker

so you can put your logo on the babel and put the label on the surface of the box,and you can avoid the MOQ(Minimum of Quantity)limited

because usually some Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Vendors would set MOQ 200 limited ,and that keep a lot of girl who love beauty out of the door.

And regular box has no MOQ limited ,you can make the order according to your budget.

wholesale lashes vendor emma lashes
wholesale lashes vendor emma lashes

But if you have enough money to do this business,and you can order 30 boxes ,50boxes ,100boxed and even more,you can do this job

And your logo will print on the boxes with beautiful looks,and the most important thing is the price of the box,the more you order the cheaper that will be.

As the video shows ,the box is made by machine and hand, and few vendors can begin within 3o boxes, so you should choose the lashes with budget.



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How To Start My Own False Eyelash Brand?

How To Start My Own False Eyelash Brand?

Hi ,guys,this is market manager Jack from Emma lashes, and today I would tell you how to start your own false eyelash brand step by step,and share the skills and helpful tips for you guys and help you start your lashes business easily.

1st first of all ,you should prepare for the start-up capital.


There’s some cost you have to pay for ,such as 3D Mink Lashes cost ,3D Mink Lashes Custom Packaging Box,website cost,and shipping cost,LOGO cost.

So you should prepare 100 USD at least to start your lashes business.

2n Design your logo.

You can do this with two ways to design your logo.

First way ,you can do your logo by Fiverr APP ,and that would cost you 30 USD, there are many designers on the App,but I suggest you choose the one from 30 to 45 USD cost,and don’t use the one just cost 5 USD,because the designer would copy the logo from the other ,and you can’t own the copyright.

The second way is that you can ask your Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Vendor to do this job for you, because professional Lashes Vendor have their own designer,and they would like to do this job for you.

3rd choose your Mink Lashes Vendor Wholesale


You should choose the one who can design for your own style even if you won’t design your own lashes ,just to test the lashes vendor weather have the ability to design lashes and update the lashes in time to guarantee they are Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Manufacturer and Supplier.

Also it is very important to provide you luxury high-end lashes for you and help you open the market with these lashes and custom packaging boxes,and you will get more profit from theses lashes .

4th Name your domain and create your website.

If you are new to this ,you can ask for someone to help you to do this job ,and you can easily to do this by Shopify.

And you can ask your Lashes Vendor to do this job for you ,but you should pay for this job ,because that would cost a lot of time to build your website and need a lot of words and picture and post ,but they can provide this for you if you just import lashes from they ,and in fact ,only few vendors can do this job ,unless they have network engineer.

5th Promote your lashes business.

This is the core work in whole line, you should establish your own sales network by your logo ,your lashes and custom packaging box,you can do this by SNS,such as Pinterest,facebook,instagram,twitter…,so you need a lot of pictures ,videos,to do this job,and you should insist send posts everyday.

6th Full support for you.

More details welcome to contact us ,my whatsapp is 008613465813039,and we will help you make the right make the right decision.and if you want to order luxury 3d mink lashes ,you can visit to order the luxury lashes with wholesale competitive price.

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Three Tips Help you start wholesale mink lashes vendor 3d business line With 100USD

wholesale 3d mink lashes vendors and manufacturers emma lashes

Many girls want To Start Their Lashes Business With little money,and they have no idea about this,because many Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Vendor ask for high MOQ,which keep out many beauty lovers.

So today I would share some tips for you to start you lashes business with four tips to start you lashes business and help you Build Your Own Lashes Brand.

1stMake sure you have your own logo

If you don’t have your logo,you can design by Fiverr App and that would cost 30USD. And yo can get the logo for about 3-5days ,so if you have 100 USD,you still have 70usd.

2nd Choose your reliable lashes vendor who provide good service

This step is very important for you to start your lashes business and build your own brand.

First ,they should have good lashes and latest lashes which is very popular in the world.

Second ,they should be your friend who really wants to help you to start your lashes business instead of huge MOQ and just want to earn money from you.

Third ,they provide the most popular box and provide logo sticker service,because if the box is not beautiful nobody will spend money to buy your lashes,and put your sticker on the box need time,they should do this job by hand with patience.

And each box will cost you about 2 usd,and you can purchase ten box ,so Custom Eyelash Packaging  cost would be 20 can purchase some luxury lashes from 3usd to 12usd ,depending what you order,so you will cost 30 usd to buy the lashes,you still have 20usd left if you have 100usd

3rd Choose the cheaper shipping way .

 If your have sold your lashes and custom packaging box ,you should choose express,and you that would cost 30usd to USA,and you have to pay 10 more USD,But that worth,because you have already own your customer.

So do you guys have known how to start your lashes business? Anything about lashes and custom packaging box just feel free to contact us , whatsapp 8619953275649 ,and we will do our best to support you and your business!

 Wish all who love fashion beauty will success and get more profits from cooperation.

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Why More And More Girl Love 3D Mink Lashes?

Whlesale-Mink-Lashes -Vendor-Custom-Packaging

Each girl want to have her own style lashes,and there are many kinds of Lashes in the market ,such as Mink Fur Lashes,Faux Mink Lashes,Plastic Lashes,fiber lashes,silk lashes .etc,and you can choose everything you want,but most girls love 3d mink lashes ,why?


First ,3D Mink Lashes are made of Mink Fur,which are fluffy and gorgeous, and mink fur appears a natural looking,they are natural and do no harm to the eye.

3d mink lashes are similar with the eye,and match the eye very well,so that was the main reason than girls love to buy.


Thirdly ,3d mink lashes are safe and have no irritation,if you choose plastic or faux lashes,that would waste you a lot of energy and time and finally you lose your customer.

So ,you should make a survey to the market and choose the right lashes before the purchase.

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Emma Lashes Will Help You To Start Your Lashes Business

wholesale 3d mink lashes vendor emma eyelash manufacturer

Emma Lashes have helped thousands of girls to start their 3D Mink Lashes business,and we teach them what to do before the business? How to start your own lashes business? How to choose best 3d mink lashes and how to order their custom packaging and how to open the market?


Emma Lashes just for you anytime if you need,we provide 24H service,because of different country different time zone,so we can answer your question ASAP,so you can make the right choice before you make decision.


We just want the people who really love lashes can bring beauty and confidence to the ladies ,and bring healthy and luxury lashes to them with a right method and high-end Lashes even if they don’t purchase our lashes.


Because of beauty,because of love ,because of trust ,we get together to provide top service to the ladies ,and it’s a happy thing to bring top grade lashes with competitive price to them.


Once they use the luxury lashes ,they won’t buy cheap,just like drug,lashes are the drugs of can’t stop the step to search the beauty of the world.

wholesale 3d mink lashes
wholesale 3d mink lashes vendors emma lashes

So anything you met just feel free to contact us  WhatsApp 008613465813039 to get more advise and tips .

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You Are Not Only Our Customer But Also Our Friend!

3d mink eyelashes manufacturer emma lashes

Emma Lashes is one of the biggest lashes manufacturer in China, and many distrubutors would like to cooperate with us ,not only because our High-end 3D Mink Lashes,but also because we are their friend , and we will give our friend all the best in China ,and we warm welcome our friend from the world to visit our Luxury Lashes Factory, to expeirence How To Made 3D Mink Lashes,and design your own lashes.

And we would love to be your guide in China ,and have a tour to qingdao,to eat authentic seafood, fresh local food ,and drink Qingdao Beer, and experience QingDao culture in this beautiful city called Eastern Switzerland.

When summer comes ,the weather is cool neer the sea, and you can feel the beauty of this mordern city .

Also we will bring you to attend the TOP GRADE luxury 3d mink lashes factory and our custom packaging factory ,to tell you how to make sample orders ,how to begin your lashes business ,what should you do when you receive your lashes sample and how to open your local market…

We focust to solve the issues that our customer met ,and help them solve difficult issues

And to help you choose the most popular lashes which can profit a lot, so if you want to start your lashes business and earn much money to improve your life quality and realize your dream ,just jion us .

And this post ,I will say thank to my friend Jannifer from London to trust us and visit our Luxury lashes studio and custom packaging,I miss her ,and I am very happy to hear that I am the first friend she met in China ,and I will always be here to wait her come to China again, we would do best business and provide top service to my friend and our customer.

mink eyelash manufacturer China emma lashes feedback
mink eyelash manufacturer China emma lashes feedback

So choose Emma Lashes,you can’t miss your opportunity to start your lashes business, and we will teach you to earn money step by step.

mink eyelash manufacturer China emma lashes feedback
mink eyelash manufacturer China emma lashes feedback

More questions just feel free to contact me WhatsApp 008613465813039

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How To Create You Own Eyelashes Brand?


Many girls want to start their lashes business but they have no idea How To Create Their Own Lashes Brand.

So if you just want to start your lashes ,it’s very easy to start your lashes business,but if you want to create your own eyelashes brand ,you should be careful to many details.


Firstly ,you should choose top quality lashes Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Vendors

and choose the best lashes ,once customer purchase you luxury 3D mink lashes ,they will remember you and then you can go to the second step.


It is very necessary to design you logo and slogan,once you designed and put your logo on your box,that would be great and they are beautiful.

Also you should choose an Professional Custom Packaging Factory,and they can provide any box you like,all you need to do is you can tell details to the designer and you will have your custom packaging box.

mink eyelashes dallas tx
mink eyelashes dallas tx

So everything is OK,and you can spread you brand by AD and some other ways to let more and more people join you,so that would be very easy to create your own lashes brand.

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What Difference Between Emma Lashes And Other 3D Mink Lashes Vendor?


Emma Lashes as a Credible Wholesale Lashes Suppliers has its own research and development team mink individual lashes, and start Individual Mink Lashes Wholesale in USA with a keen eye to observe 3d mink lashes market, with a professional perspective to develop Eyelash Extension With Private Label Mink Eyelashes .


Keep developing new mink lash extensions and fashionable fake mink eyelashes products.


As a Eyelash Extension Wholesale Vendors 

What makes us different from other companies is that we design, produce cheap mink lashes with reasonable price.

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Emma Lashes 3D Mink Lashes Description


1 all the lashes are the latest styles

2 100% top quality real siberian mink fur which are vivid and fluffy

3 100% hand-made by skilled workers

4 3 times QC inspection, BV and SGS certification


5 more ethereal and softer

6 no harm to the eyes

7 easy to wear

8 100% genuine, cruelty free mink lashes

9 lashes glue have no irritation no odor ,health to bodies.

10 the band is soft and thin comfortable to wear

11 3 Dimensional Design makes great 3d effect that gives a fluffy and flattering appearance

12 Long lasting allowing an average of 25+ applications if properly cared

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Which Eyelash Glue Is The Best?


Many girls worry about the safe of the eyelash glue,Can Eyelash Glue Damage Your Eyes? And Can Eyelash Glue Cause Headaches? Those terrible questions are really exist than the beautiful girls have to face them.

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Today, I will tell you the truth of these questions. And tell you the skills to choose the best eyelash glue.

As we know ,Eyelash Glue contain chemical composition such as phenylpropionic acid,,generally speaking,they have no harm to the skin,but if you use the bad overproof glue,they do harm to your eye,and your eye will tear,but won’t blind you .

So you should choose the quality eyelash glue,so how to choose the quality eyelash glue?


Firstly ,you can smell the glue,if they smell pungent,you can’t buy them and they are not the best eyelash glue.


You should buy the glue who have MSDS and certificate that prove they are safe. To some extend they are more expensive than the bad eyelash,but they do not harm to you eye,that worthy it.

So if someone give you free eyelash glue,can you dare take them and put on your eye?

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How Much Does Your Custom Packaging Cost?

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Hi, guys, today, I would tell you more details about the Cost Of Custom Eyelash Packaging since you have known the importance of the Custom Lashes Packaging and that will guide you on how to order your own 3d mink lashes custom packaging business.


The more technological process to make your lashes Custom Packaging Boxes be unique

I will tell you more technological processes to make your lashes Custom Packaging Boxes be unique and different from others.

There are several kinds of boxes are very popular in the world, and girls all love them.

1 Glitter box.


The glittering box is made of a carton box inside and glitter paper outside. They are shining just like the star under the light. And the carton box is made by the machine, we called knife mold, and the carton box is cut down by the knife mold, and the glitter paper was put on the surface of the box by hand.

2 Holographic box

Most girls say they love the holographic box because they are very cool under the light and just like the rainbow on the box when the paper reflects the light. In fact, they are attractive when customers opens the box and the lashes are gorgeous in the holographic box.

3d mink lashes with custom packaging box
custom packaging

These two types of boxes are distinguished by material, and we also can distinguish the box by the door of the box.

3 Magnetic box


The most popular is the magnetic box, the door is easy to control by the magnet, also they can use the different band to tie on.


Many suppliers said their MOQ(minimum of quantity) is 100,and the cost of these box is 3.5usd to 2usd according to the quantity and you logo and slogan performance forms and size.


5 Low MOQ 30 and get the most favorable price

For more information about the custom packaging boxes just feel free to let us know, we will help you make low MOQ 30 and get the most favorable price. We will give you essential advice on your logo performance craft. Whatapp:0086 13465813039

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Hi ,guys ,I’m Ben ,production leader of Emma lashes,who worked for 10 years ,Today I would like to tell you guys HOW TO MAKE 3D MINK LASHES in ten steps.

1st Choose raw material.

Before we design the style of the lashes ,we should make sure the material ,the foundation of the PREMIUM 3D MINK LASHES.

We usually choose young adult Siberian mink’s fur not the old one in the spring and autumn when they shed their hair ,because they are shiny fluffy and soft,if you choose the old one,your lashes would be hard and think,of course you can not seen by you eye.


And you should order the long mink fur in spring ASAP,otherwise the mink fur will in short of supply and the raw material cost would be more expensive than the others.

2ndDesign The Styles.

The designer will push out different styles of lashes and drawings according to the women’s interest and market feedback,and hand over the drawing to production department.

This is the heart of the lashes industry,the design inspiration could come from different flowers and birds,the most important is that they should express the passion the confidence and beauty.To make sure they can help eyes to say hello the world!

3rd Locate the mink fur according to the drawing.

After the skilled workers receive the drawing picture,they count the mink fur and put they on on unite each layer,this is framework you should do first.


Not everyone suit this job ,you put pay full attention to the basic and artificial work ,the framework is consist of different count of mink fur, and the direction determines the shape , if they are unskilled that would waste the raw material ,that’s not what we want to see.

4th Fill the cotton band to the mink fur with glue.

Different factory use different workmanship to do this job.Anyway , this is important for customer to wear them on with comfort sense.

5th Cut off the needless fur ,and rolled into steel tubes with wet brown paper.

Different diameters the steel tubes you use can make different curvature you want, after the shaping.

6th Shaping.

You can do this with two way ,the first one is you can use chemical liquid ,and 99% of the factory shaping with this way ,and you can imagine if you use this 3D Mink Lashes,what will happen to your eyes?

The second way is heat treatment we invent. And the curl exist long and natural ,also we achieve germicidal purpose by this way .

7th Apply the Eyelash Glue.

This process usually have three way to deal with,some factory put the glue all over the cotton band , some put on the begin end and bottom of the cotton band ,we apply the glue only on the top and end of the band.


So you can see, why others apply too much glue on the band? Too much glue mean too high cost,why they do this ? so the quality is different ,the less glue the lashes apply ,the more safer and lighter the lashes are,so if you purchase 3D MINK LASHES BULK , you should be careful with the 3D MINK LAHSES DESCRIPTION and the quality of the lashes ,less is more!

8th Quality test. 

This is the basis step before put them on the tray.Quality inspector observe the lashes with magnifying lens to check the degree of symmetry,weather the lashes are over glued etc.

Ok ,hope this post are helpful for you,if you want to Start Your Lashes Business