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How Much Does It Cost To Start A Eyelash Line?

Many sisters want to start their lashes business,and they do not want to spend too much money,so this post I will tell you Begin With Your Own Lashes Business With Little Money and how many lashes do you need to start your own lashes business.

Many ladies want to start your Eyelash Line, and they do not want to spend too much money, so in this post, I will tell you How to Begin With Your Own Lashes Business With small amount of Money and how many lashes do you need to start your own Lashes business.

Lashes Cost

Wholesale 25mm lashes

Most of the Wholesale Lashes cost from 1 USD to 3 USD according to your style and material. If you choose the Faux Mink Lashes, that will cost 1USD to 2 USD according to your quanlity.

And if you choose the real mink lashes, that will cost 2 usd to 3 usd according to your style and quanlity. The more the cheaper.

And if you want to buy the best Luxury Lashes in the world, the lashes will cost from 5 usd to 7 usd.

Usually you should have more than $200 to make a perfect order from your Lashes Vendor.

Custom packaging.

mink eyelash wholesale UK USA
mink eyelash wholesale UK the USA

Usually Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Vendors have their own MOQ, Most of the lashes vendor will do 50 custom lashes packaging at least one time. But Emma Lashes can do only 30 custom boxes for our customers, what’s more, we have too many General Packaging in stock, which are all popular in the market, no MOQ limite, and that will cost you 2 to 3 USD, also you can choose custom label service, you can put your label with logo on the regular magnetic box and that will have no MOQ limit. so this custom lashes packaging would cost 30 to 90 USD.

Shipping cost

lashes shipment
lashes shipment

If you order lashes only, the shipping cost varies according to your parcel’s weight and volume. We have discount express acount which will help you save a lot if you choose Emma Lashes to be your lashes vendor.

AD cost.

cute pink lashes packaging
cute pink lashes packaging

You need spread by AD or SNS, and you can make a budget for about 30 USD each day and if you use SNS that will cost less but you need pay too much time and attention to your SNS, you should produce quality posts and pictures and video, make sure your followers would love them.

Clear band lashes
Clear Band Lashes

So sisters,if you have more than 70 USD, just do it, you will get more than you think. More details welcome to add WhatsApp.

We will help you start step by step, if you just have a brand name and do not have Eyelash Logo, we can help you design a free one. We have rich experience to help you start a Lashes Brand step by step.

Besides, if you want to know How to Start a Small Business at Home, you can read this post, you will get more professional tips and helpful skills.

If you have already owned your lashes business and want to promote your lashes business with new lashes logo, custom eyelash packaging and luxury lashes, more issues about your lashes business please feel free contact us, we will help you with our ensusiasm and willness.

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