First, 3D Mink Lashes Applicator Holographic

Our Lashes Applicators are all made of Top antirust 304 stainless-steel with advanced processing technology, which is different than the regular ones ,and girls love them very much ,because of the Comfort, easy to use.

Second,3D Mink Lashes Applicator Rose Gold


Third,3D Mink Lashes Applicator Yellow

Fourth,3D Mink Lashes Applicator Rose Red

Fifth,3D Mink Lashes Applicator Orange

Sixth,3D Mink Lashes Applicator Blue

Seventh,3D Mink Lashes Applicator Orange Red

Eighth,3D Mink Lashes Applicator Black

Ninth,3D Mink Lashes Applicator Purple

If you make bulk orders the 3D Mink Lashes Applicator Free for you!More details pls add WhatsAPP:008613465813039

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  1. Hi my name is timala my # 9544015653 and I’m looking for a vender to start my lash business please contact me

    1. hi honey ,thank you ,we will send you our catalog to your email box,and you just choose what you love ,and we will give you our sample.

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